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page 1The Truth About Cops, Prostitutes, Sex Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation:

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FYI: Everything on our site is fully documented with links to the original source. While we are quite aware that the folks at the FBI Bureau of Justice Statistics don't seem to be able to coordinate their statistics- and the numbers in their tables often conflict with other tables for the exact same 'crime' or data sets- there is no other valid source for this information. If their data isn't good enough to show the statistics of numbers of arrests, crimes and ages of arrestees, then what would be? Yes, there can be political reasons for arresting or not arresting individuals, as well as charging arrested persons with less serious criminal charges (i.e. reducing a solicitation charge to a disorderly conduct charge), but there are currently no other sources for this information. If it doesn't come from a government source, the statistics involving persons of any age or gender alleged to be in prostitution presented by a group or individual can only be 'guesstimates' based on speculation and flights of fantasy, not on 'facts.' So an academic, statistician or mathematician cannot present statistics that are any more 'reliable' or 'valid' than the ones we present on our site. You are free to check ALL our numbers using the links to the government websites- in fact, we highly encourage you to do so.

When combating the lies and fabrications of the prostitution abolitionists, it is important to have the facts available to refer to easily and quickly. The large pdf is a great resource to have- bookmarked and at the ready, but when commenting on articles or blogs, it is better to have individual pdfs of the stats, data and sources which you can then post a url link directly to the information or example you wish to share.

Some of the pdf pages are grouped together if they carry a "continued on next page" notation. Be sure to read the text beneath the thumbnail image to see if there is more than one page in that pdf. For your convenience, additional links to external sites/ documents may be included in the text areas below the thumbnail image. The information text below the image is provided as a summary of what that page contains.

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Page # 8-10 Introduction- a brief history of the abolitionist crusade: A century ago, moral crusader Ernest A. Bell began a crusade to ‘educate’ Americans about the “White Slave Trade” and the need to prevent young women from leaving the safety and protection of the rural home and go to the big cities.

Page #9 See page 8-10 Introduction

One hundred years later, the crusade continues, and unfortunately for sex workers, the conflation of sex work and sex slavery- or as it is now called, ‘sex trafficking’-

Page # 10 see page 8-10 Introduction

The attorney for the Catholic Rights League made it abundantly clear that the church does not care about the safety of prostitutes- it only cares that its moral values be imposed on EVERYONE, including prostitutes. And if they die, they die. No big loss. Just NHIs. (No Humans Involved)

Page #11- 12 Questions/ facts to consider before passing new laws

Where do the confusing and often conflicting statistics come from that are used by anti- prostitution supporters of increased penalties, expanded definition of ‘human trafficking’ and other ‘sex trafficking’ legislation?


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PART I- THE NUMBERS GAME- Pages 13- 43 Examines what the government and the prostitution abolitionists claim regarding the 'guesstimates' of the number of victims of human trafficking, by which they mean "sex trafficking." Yet the actual numbers of confirmed victims to the guesstimated victims are so far off from the actual/ known victims, that it tends to discredit their entire crusade. If the federal government spends hundreds of millions of dollars- in grants to local law enforcement agencies and to faith based 'provider' organizations, as well as the sting operations it regularly conducts and yet only a tiny fraction of 'victims' can be found- what does that say about the government? Is it due to incompetence? Corruption? Or a highly inflated number of 'suspected' victims based on wild speculation and seriously flawed guesstimates?

This section looks at where these estimates/ claims come from, and how law enforcement trains its own members to 'find' and rescue those victims, even if the victims think their lives are better now than before they were 'trafficked.' And what criteria is used to allege a human trafficking violation? It isn't what you'd think.

Additionally, this section contains comparisons of other types of 'crimes,' arrests for rapes and prostitution and costs for prostitution arrests- gives Justice Department and Polaris Project data/ stats which show a huge disparity between what Polaris Project claims and what the justice department actually found.

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Part I- The Numbers Game (pge#13)

The estimated number of human trafficking victims that the media and the government claim exist worldwide and in the US are overwhelming. However, the government itself says “There is also a considerable discrepancy between the numbers of observed and estimated victims of human trafficking...

Page #14 -Numbers can be so confusing- how many victims of violence are there around the world? Let’s establish some general statistics based

on information from government and non government sources... like the ILO (International Labor Organization) which considers many non exploitative occupations as 'forced labor' even if those engaged in such 'labor' don't believe that they are victims...

Page #15 -from 2008 “Post Guidelines on Law Enforcement Response to Human Trafficking” the way to tell if a person is a victim is if "Life may be better now than it was previously" and"they are unaware of their rights and may not consider themselves victims..." So, why do the police consider them victims?
Page #16 -Where do the human trafficking statistics come from? GAO: “...estimates of global human trafficking are questionable. The accuracy of the estimates is in doubt because of methodological weaknesses, gaps in data, and numerical discrepancies... There is also a considerable discrepancy between the numbers of observed and estimated victims of human trafficking...”
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introduction pg 1 pg18 page 18 pg 20

Page #17- The numbers are essentially a guesstimate- not a scientific estimate...We use those statistics knowing and admitting that they are dated estimates because everyone– policy makers, media and the public– push to know the number of victims.”

So, how can anyone make sense of stats which are not based on ANYTHING other than someone's unfounded 'guesstimates'?

Page #18-“The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that there are
approximately 14,500 to 17,500 human trafficking victims in this country.
The numbers are more staggering globally, with an estimated 27 million human trafficking victims worldwide. 11% eleven percent of these victims are trafficked into the
commercial sex industry, while the other 89 percent are... forced into labor.”(not into prostitution)

Page # 19- Colleen Shannon brings her boyfriend in from Canada- charged with human trafficking...

Is this what you think of when you hear about the millions of ‘victims of human trafficking’?

Do you suppose her boyfriend felt that he was her 'victim'? If these are the types of people whom the government and abolitionists consider to be victims, what do we call the REAL victims of 'trafficking'?

Page #20- How many victims are there within OUR borders? Some say-“There are approximately 100,000 to 300,000 human trafficking victims in the US”

...the U.S. government's global anti-trafficking program in many ways has come to resemble a global campaign against prostitution.”

page 21 page 22 page 23 page 24
Page #21- Let’s examine the ‘human trafficking’ claims more carefully: “An estimated 14,000 – 17,000 women, children and men are trafficked each year into the US, according to the US Department of State” Could it be we have corrupt Border Patrol Agents????
Page #22- "Despite Millions Spent, Human Trafficking Scope Unknown- Atlanta, LA, DC- over count number of 'victims' by hundreds... get grant money from feds, can't find victims- out of the alleged 1,000 victims, only 4 were confirmed. Where are the rest of them?
Page #23- "Characteristics of Suspected Human Trafficking Incidents 2007- 2008"- page one of two- Federally funded task forces opened 1,229 suspected incidents of human trafficking for investigation... (30 month period)
Page #24-"Characteristics of Suspected Human Trafficking Incidents 2007- 2008"- page two of two- LESS THAN 10 % WERE CONFIRMED as human trafficking, or 27 cases, or slightly over one case PER MONTH...
page 25 page 26 page 27 page 28

Page #25- Bureau of Justice Statistics summary of human trafficking cases investigated and confirmed... FAR, FAR short of the alleged ‘hundreds of thousands’
of sex trafficking victims that we are told there are every year...



Page #26- Comparison of rapes/ etc: 2007 Average Monthly Number of Reported Rape Victims, Rape Arrests, Prostitution Arrests vs. Suspected Incidents of Human Trafficking: 2007: 5,460 x $3,652= $19,939,920 average spent per month [based on the 1987 estimate $2,000 cost per arrest for prostitution adjusted for inflation in 2007] Annual cost of prostitution arrests estimate:
Page #27- "Characteristics of Suspected Human Trafficking Incidents 2008- 2010"- page 1 of 2- Federally funded task forces
opened 2,515 suspected incidents of human trafficking for investigation between January 2008 - June 2010-- Among trafficking incidents opened for at least one year, 30% were confirmed to be human trafficking, 38% were confirmed not to be human trafficking
Page #28- "Characteristics of Suspected Human Trafficking Incidents 2008- 2010"- page two of two- The remaining incidents were still open at the end of the study period: So there were 754.5 CONFIRMED victims in 30 months or 301 CONFIRMED VICTIMS PER YEAR---955.7 NOT VICTIMS---804.8 NO DETERMINATION
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page 29 page 30 page 31 page 32

Page #29- 2008- 2010 Average Monthly Number of Reported Rape Victims, Rape Arrests, Prostitution Arrests vs. Suspected Incidents of Human Trafficking- comparison graph with costs:

Annual cost of prostitution arrests estimate: $260,170,680

Page #30-Justice Department task forces reported fewer investigations for 2012, as well, saying that the
department conducted 753 investigations into human trafficking suspects last year (2012), compared to 900 investigations into 1,350 suspects in 2011.

Page #31- Only 46,570 out of an estimated 27 million victims of human trafficking were identified in 2012 (WORLDWIDE) That is the conclusion of a new

Number of REPORTED victims of violent rape and sexual assault in the US (2012) 346,830

Page #32- Summary of Stats  MONTHLY ARRESTS 5,698 @ $3,805= $21,680,890 MONTHLY COSTS
2009 Annual Average Costs for Prostitution Arrests as above
68,386 arrests @ $3,805= $260,170,680 ANNUAL COSTS
pg 33 page 34 page 35

page 36 page 37

Page #33- LA Times report on the findings of the cost of prostitution arrests from Hastings Law Journal- 1987 cost per arrest $2,000

To find out what that would be in today's dollars, find an inflation calculator online and put in $2,000 in 1987...

Page #34- Are taxpayers being conned by people with an ideological agenda to‘eliminate’ all commercial sex?

Need more proof?

Anti- Human Trafficking Bill Would Send FBI on Trail of Pimps- But exactly who do the cops consider 'pimps'? Here's a few 'pimps' you might not know about

Page #35- Polaris Project- how calls are classified - with no absolute number of how many actual victims there really are... because NO ONE KNOWS... “Report Spotlights Human Trafficking Trends in the U.S. 2007- 2012 This page opens to show pages 35, 36 and 37-


Page #36/ 37- Polaris Project-
“In five years, we received reports of 9,298 unique cases of human trafficking.” -which amounts to 1,859 calls per year- a far cry from the claimed hundreds of thousands of alleged victims EACH YEAR

page 38 page 39 page 38 pg 40
Page #38- "The biggest obstacle to rehabilitating the victims are the victims themselves... they don't realize they are victims..." Dennis Mark- Redeemed Ministries, TX (so give us more money and we will help them figure it out...)
Page #39- "Prostitutes are not friendly... we have to help them realize they are victims..." Denver CO vice Lieutenant Aaron Sanchez, whose department received a federal grant of $300,000 to help those poor prostitutes realize they are victims...
Page #40- How to tell "sex slaves' from "sex workers" - SEX SLAVES KNOW THEY ARE VICTIMS and WANT to be rescued... SEX WORKERS- know they are NOT victims....
Page #41- Police ignore the many neighbors' complaints of suspicious behavior going on in the house of Cleveland kidnapper/ sex predator Ariel Castro- while his REAL SEX SLAVE VICTIMS were held captive for a decade...
pat robertson page 41 page 43 In what universe do we arrest people we claim are victims and force them to 'realize' they are victims, and if they are unwilling to acknowledge their victimhood, we send them to jail until they 'get it'?

Televangelist Pat Robertson believes that 'traffickers' should get the death penalty- does he mean that even if the 'victim' is the one being charged with trafficking... of herself???

And what about when it is a cop who is trafficking minors?

Page #42- Dallas (TX) Police offer prostitutes "JAIL OR JESUS"- because that's what we do to people who are considered 'victims'- right? We threaten to incarcerate them unless they accept Jesus as their savior and become good little mindless christian women who save their bodies for their husbands...
Page #43- With 33% of all women world wide being victims of violence and the US Government reporting that there are over 12 MILLION incidents of intimate partner violence every year in the US- is it really wise to spend money to 'rescue' women who haven't asked for help and have not reported being a victim?
Why is it okay to force (through threat of incarceration) women into the 'faith based' Christian Indoctrination programs? What if an atheist program existed- and wanted to offer "jail or godlessness"? or a Muslim program "Jail or Allah"? Do you think that Christians might be a tad upset with that? Oh gosh- I think they might just have a conniption fit!


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Why do the abolitionists claim to be concerned about 'the children' when the majority of real victims of child sexual exploitation are NOT being trafficked- but are victims of someone whom they know and trust? This section examines the many examples of real child abuse and sexual exploitation and the rather odd disconnect between real victims and the phantom victims touted by the prostitution abolitionists/ victim pimps- and, is it really necessary to ARREST 'victims' and subject them to possible rape by the corrections staff in jail? Who benefits from the inflated 'guesstimates' and the continued false claim that 'the average age of entry into (ALL) prostitution is 12/ 13/ 14'? NOT THE VICTIMS! Government arrest statistics from 1981 to 2012 show that the number of minors arrested for prostitution AND disorderly conduct (and yes, cops were arresting children under 10 years of age)- accounts for about 1.8% of arrests each year. How is it possible, then, for the 'average age' to be 12 OR 13 OR 14? And why, knowing that the 2001 report from which this 'statistics' originated states PLAINLY that this is an 'estimate' of the average age of entry of JUVENILE prostitutes, would these people continue to cling to this lie? (see full report, page 92/ 114)

But it is so much more than the highly inflated 'guesstimates' of alleged child sex trafficking victims that calls into question their concern about 'the children.' It is the 96% of sexually exploited minors whose predators are not paying for the sexual services of their victims... and the lack of concern that these abolitionists show toward those victims- unless it can generate funding for their abolitionist cause, THEY DO NOT CARE. (see full report page 92/114 for this statistic) Despite a complete lack of evidence AND misquoting/ leaving out the word "juvenile" in the report from which the original data is 'mined,' the 'victim pimps' continue to spread blatant fabrications of the number and 'average age' of the child victims off of whom they make millions of dollars every year. And when law enforcement officers are caught pimping minors, the 'punishment' meted out to them is so much less than a non law enforcement 'pimp' would receive for the same crime,  one cannot help but think that the government doesn't really care about the children if the predator/ pimp is one of their own.

pge 44 pg45

page 46

page 47

Page #44- "What about the Children?"

If the goal of anti- trafficking legislation really is to stop the sexual exploitation of minors, why does it not focus on that issue, regardless of whether the child is ‘trafficked’ into the sex trade?

Page # 45 "I don't care if in all the United States there is a single child prostitute- that is reason enough to keep it illegal...."

REALLY? Even if there are far more children being sexually abused by their teachers, preachers, priests, cops, parents and others?

Page #46 - According to women like Evann Gastaldo, arresting children for prostitution actually saves their lives..."Why We Must Arrest Child Prostitutes: IT MAY SOUND CRUEL, BUT IT COULD BE THE ONLY THING THAT SAVES THEM." Even if that means being incarcerated and raped by Corrections staff? Page # 47 From the Crimes against Children Research Center: "Sex Trafficking of Minors: How Many Juveniles Are Being Prostituted in the US?" (revised 2012)

How accurate are the estimates? "The reality is that we do not currently know how many juveniles are involved in prostitution. Scientifically credible estimates do not exist."

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page 48 page 49 pg 50 page 51

Page #48 Where did the claim come from- that the "average age of entry is 12/ 13/ 14? In 2001, researchers at the Univ Penn, Richard J. Estes and Neil Alan Weiner conducted a study to see how pervasive the sexual exploitation of children was, in the age of globalization and increasing travel. The study was of JUVENILES, and did NOT include anyone over the age of 18....

Page #49 "In a 2010 guest column about at-risk girls, she also wrote that "studies show the average age of entry into prostitution is 12 to 14 years old." A statistical average between 12 and 14? Wouldn’t that mean a large number under 12? Also, was she talking about the average age of entry for all trafficked prostitutes, including adults? Or just juveniles?"

Page # 50 "We queried the U.S. Department of Justice. McKeel’s office provided links to testimony and a report tied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which state the average ages as 11 to 14, or 12. But a spokeswoman at the Bureau of Justice Statistics said those are not bureau numbers and that the bureau has no average age for entry into sex trafficking..."

Page #51

Why do prostitution abolitionists make that claim in the first place?

Follow the money $$$$$

The more ‘victims’- child and adult- of sex trafficking that can be claimed by the ‘victim pimps,’ the more money they receive in donations and government funding.

page 52 page 53 page 54 page 55

Page #53

Female arrests all 1981- 2012: 1,954,426 (listed by age on the spreadsheets) of this number 1.81% or 35,371 were UNDER 18, and 98.19% or 1,919,046 were over 18

Page #54 Graph showing  the number of arrests of males and females for prostitution- by age and gender

1981- 2012

Page #55 Bubble graph from Marc of Frankfurt shows what the arrests look like. This graph goes from 1980 to 2010
page 56 page 57 page 58 page 59

Page #56

Female arrests disorderly conduct all   1981- 2012: 4,828,643
•  1,309,448 were under 18  27.12%
• and 3,519,197 were over 18 72.88%


Page #57 Operation Cross Country 2011- 2013 numbers
8,500 state, local, and federal officers in • 173 cities US cities (for an average of 1.45 rescues per city) • over a total of 9 days- RESULTING IN: • 253 children "rescued" [under age 18] • 349 alleged pimps arrested


Page #58 Let’s do the math:
“47 Innocence Lost Task Forces” over 10 years arrested 2,200 children=  46 ‘rescued’ juveniles per task force  “2,200” children rescued over 10 years (2003 to 2012)= 220 rescues per year “1,017” pimps, madams and associates convicted in those 10 years= 101.7 convictions per year “$3 million in assets” over ten years = $300,000 per year or $2,970 per pimp/ madam per year

Page #59 FROM CNN: “The data on human trafficking is sparse, but what is known is terrifying. It's already the second largest criminal industry in the world -- behind only the trade in illegal drugs -- and it's growing fast. The global commercial sex trade exploits one million children annually. At least 100,000 and perhaps as many as 300,000 children in America are victims of sex trafficking each year.

page 60 page 61 page 62 page 63

Page #60 2011 NYPD Detective  Wayne Taylor-  a former NYPD detective pimped out a 13-year-old girl and forced her to dance naked at parties and have sex with "as many as eight or nine men" in a single night. The girl says Det.Wayne Taylor "bought" her for $500... Taylor served a little over 3 years for trafficking a MINOR- a 13 year old girl

Page #61 2012 “A sex trafficking ring has ensnared  former police officer Ronald Miko, who once served as vice president of a borough council, officials said." Some of the prostitutes were underage girls.. On September 24, 2012  Ronald Miko was sentenced
today to 38 months in prison...

2013 Linwood Barnhill, D.C. Cop Accused of "Pimping" Teens, Arrested

Page #62 June 9, 2013, the report from the Justice Department claims that “hundreds of teenagers are raped or sexually assaulted during their stays in the country’s juvenile detention facilities, and many are victimized repeatedly... MOST OFTEN perpetrated BY STAFF...”

Page #63
10 Facts About Child Sexual Abuse - Statistics on Child Sexual Abuse
November 2011: Most Victims Molested By Someone They Know and Trust


page 64 page 65 page 66 Below: the 2001 full report "The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the U.S., Canada and Mexico" ( by Richard J. Estes and Neil Alan Weiner

Page #64

Despite what children are taught about "stranger danger," most child victims are abused by someone they know and trust.
◦ 96% were known to their victims
◦ 50% were acquaintances or friends
◦ 20% were fathers
◦ 16% were relatives
◦ 4% were strangers

Page #65 What are we going to do to protect children from those who make up the majority of sexual predators... predators who are family members (including siblings, parents, step parents), friends of the parents, boyfriends of the mothers, neighbors, babysitters, priests, preachers, rabbis, imams, teachers, coaches, politicians, police officers, corrections officers, FBI Agents,
Border Patrol Agents, ICE Agents etc.?
Page #66 What about protecting children who are NOT victims of sexual exploitation? Is this crusade to abolish all prostitution really about ‘saving the children’?  What about the 6,000 ‘mishandled’ child abuse cases in Arizona that were not investigated?
Arizona’s Child Protective Services division has uncovered thousands of uninvestigated child abuse allegations dating back to 2009- because we care so much about what happens to children??????

2001 commercial sexual exploit


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PART III- "PROSTITUTION IS LIKE RAPE" [sex workers say- only rape is 'like rape'] Pages 67- 106

In this section, we examine the oft repeated claim most famously made by prostitution abolitionist Melissa Farley, whose entire body of 'research' stems from her ideological bias against ALL sex work (and against men in general), which, if such 'findings' were offered by any other academic 'researcher' on any other subject using the flawed methodology for which this extraordinarily bigoted individual is notorious- would be laughed out of academic circles as being 'junk science' at best, and complete and utter nonsense/ lies/ fraud etc- which it really is. In her warped world view, women who become sex workers are simply incapable of knowing what is and isn't good for them, and only she and her fellow abolitionist academic thugs have the enlightened 'knowledge' about men and sex- which sex workers must accept and express our undying gratitude to them for caring so much about us that they want us to go to jail if we continue to be exploited by our non violent, non abusive clients, employers and associates....

For someone so fixated on what she calls the activity which she claims is "bad for the body, bad for the heart" and that she likens to rape, she really has no idea of how many REAL, REPORTED violent rapes and sexual assaults go unsolved (including rapes of sex workers and non sex workers alike BY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS) and the victims who asked for help who go without justice- because of lack of resources to test rape kits, pursue and apprehend alleged rapists, prosecute and punish those convicted of actual, real violent rape and sexual assault- especially when the victim of such REAL rape is a sex worker. She does NOT want sex worker victims of REAL RAPE to receive victim compensation or the non judgmental counseling that other rape victims receive. In other words, she wants such sex worker victims of rape to be punished because they didn't appreciate her unsolicited opinion about the work they do. You can read more of her fraudulent, non scientific and wholly biased research on her website: www.prostitutionresearch.com (I don't think she will post a link to OUR website, because she does NOT want anyone to learn the truth...)

page 67 page 68

page 69

page 70

Page #67

Part III- “Prostitution is like rape...”  If a woman can’t be trusted to tell the truth when she says she wasn’t raped,
then it stands to reason that she won’t be believed when she says she was...



Page # 68 According to prostitution abolitionists/ victim pimps like Melissa Farley, ‘prostitution is like rape...’
regardless of how individual prostitutes feel about the work we do...



Page #69 - According to advocates of the elimination of all prostitution, prostitutes cannot consent to engage in prostitution, therefore even when a prostitute contends she has chosen to work as a sex worker, her consent doesn’t count.
But when prostitutes are actually victims of rape and report the crime, the police and prosecutors claim there is a ‘question of consent’- which means they are not likely to pursue or prosecute such cases..

Page #70 Melissa Farley is an ardent prostitution abolitionist whose world
view is that all ‘prostitution is like rape,’ and claims that ‘prostitution is bad for the body, bad for the heart‘ regardless of whether the prostitute is adult or consented.


------------------------------ ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------
page 71 pg 72 page 73 pg 74
Page # 71 -- Vice President Joe Biden says many women who are raped or physically abused don't report it
because they don't want, in his words, "to get raped again by the system."
Biden says many women who are abused are ashamed and embarrassed. He says it takes enormous courage for women to come forward and ask for help after being victims of domestic violence.

Page #72 A good place to start examining this claim is with the actual statistics on reported violent rapes, sexual assaults and domestic violence cases compared to actual numbers of arrests for prostitution, and the number of ‘crisis human trafficking calls’ as reported by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center | Polaris Project ..

Page # 73 Criminal Victimization Report 2012- How many reported violent rapes and sexual assaults? 346,830 - an increase of over 102,000 from 2011--- and how many serious domestic violence cases in 2012? 422,080- also increased from 2011...


Page #74 College women and rape: US Government says that in 2006, there were 673,000 college women who were victims of rape... yet no one calls for the abolition of higher education for women...



page75 page 76 page 77 page 78
Page #75 Prostitutes are by no means the only victims of rapes committed by cops and other government agents. Rapes in the military are escalating - or else more rape victims are willing to come forward and report being raped.
Like their sex worker counterparts, the military personnel who rape them
seldom are punished.

Page #76 Rape in the US military: America's dirty little secret
December 9, 2011 A female soldier in Iraq is more likely to be attacked by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire


Page #77 To protect women from being raped or sexually assaulted in the military, should we prohibit females from becoming soldiers? It clearly is a dangerous situation and women who go into the military regardless of the danger ought to recognize that they are placing themselves at risk... can they claim to be
victims of rape if they knowingly enter a risky profession where rapes and sexual assaults occur on a regular basis?

Page #78 RAPE BEHIND BARS: “Sex between guards and female inmates is a given in prison; whether consensual or coerced, it has always taken place.”



page 79 page 80 page 81 page 82
Page #79 Oklahoma Sheriff Charged With Running Sex-Slave Operation From Jail 2008- Mike Burgess
The sheriff of Custer County resigned on Wednesday just as federal prosecutors filed 35 felony counts
against him for allegedly running a sex-slave operation at the jail.... Burgess told one drug court participant he would have her sent to prison if she didn't comply with his sexual demands.

Page #80 Former Custer County Sheriff Mike Burgess was sentenced to 79 years in prison...
Burgess, 56, was found guilty of 13 felonies from a total of 36 charges in January by a Major County jury. The assorted charges ranged from forcible oral sodomy and kidnapping to sexual
battery and rape.

2004: Latimer County Sheriff Melvin Ellis Holly had frequent sex with female jail inmates and then threatened them if they talked..

Page #81 When Sheriff Holly learned the woman was being taken to another jail, he learned she wanted speak to law enforcement officers. He pressured her to write a statement that she recanted her story, the affidavit said.
Holly told the inmate she would “end up dead somewhere, floating face down in a river for having talked."
The inmate said she was afraid of Holly because he had claimed “he has shot and killed numerous people.”

Page #82 If THESE ‘pillars of the community’ with SO MUCH to lose, were willing to risk their careers and the years of respect and admiration from their communities and fellow law enforcement agents around the country- just to be able to extort the female
inmates for sex, threatening to kill them or harm their families if they told anyone... how could we expect non- high ranking law enforcement agents and corrections officers/ prison guards to behave differently toward the
vulnerable sex worker women and teens in their custody?
page 83 page 84 page 85 page 86

Page #83 Two Women Claim Texas Jailers Ran a 'Rape Camp' Behind Bars- “In fact, the abuse was so widespread and pervasive that defendant Aguilar felt comfortable enough to ask Ms. Smith if he could touch her vagina, right in front of the jail nurse....”

Page #84 "Defendants Aguilar, Smith and Charles all assaulted plaintiff in numerous ways over the course of several incidents. As they told it to plaintiff, she 'belong[ed] to [them]' and was their 'sex slave or whatever they wanted her to be'"


Page #85 Woman Prisoner Sent to Solitary for Reporting Rape by Guard.. When Ortiz reported the first assault to prison official Paula Jordan, the official told the inmate that the male guard was being transferred from the facility and was "just a dirty old man." That same evening, the male guard assaulted her again- inmate was placed in solitary confinement, where she was
Page #86 Timmerman-Cooper confirmed that prisoners who complained of sexual abuse were transferred to segregation, losing their privileges while there... said it was necessary in order to protect the inmate while officials investigated the incident, but could not explain why  inmates should be stripped of basic privileges and locked in isolation for 23 hours a day…
page 87 page 88 page 89 page 90

Page #87
Abuse Of Women Inmates Called A Nightmare -- Georgia Prisoners Allege Rape, Forced Abortions = The women  have been coming forward for months, almost 200 in all. They tell of women treated like dogs, bound and fed from dishes shoved under their faces; of guards photographing women engaged in sex acts; of inmates being taken off the grounds to work as prostitutes.


Page #88 ‘In January 2008, in a Michigan courtroom, a jury, in a gesture considered extremely rare in American Courtroom procedure… had the courage and the compassion to offer an apology on Behalf of the State of Michigan to 10 Michigan women prisoners, for the
years and years of rape, torture, tyranny, and retaliation these women were forced to endure in Michigan prisons.


Page #89 Page contains Resources and more articles about inmate rape






Page #90 UNTESTED RAPE KITS: If states lack the resources to test the DNA evidence, or to investigate the rapes of persons who are willing to undergo the traumatic rape kit procedure, no resources to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate the rapists whose victims have reported a crime and whose DNA proves the crime, how can they possibly justify arresting, prosecuting and punishing the non
violent, non abusive clients, employers and associates of consenting adult sex workers who have NOT reported ANY crime against them BY those non violent, non abusive individuals?
page 91 page 92 page 93 page 94

Page #91 Why do so many rape kits never get tested? Perhaps because there are republican politicians who think a rape kit is a contraceptive and induces abortions?  At least 400,000 rape kits containing critical DNA that could help convict a criminal are sitting untested in labs around the country.


Page #92 Serial killer:

"Shelly A. Brooks killed and raped five more women [prostitutes] after the date on this rape kit," Worthy said. "So that means if the rape kits were analyzed in a timely fashion perhaps, perhaps these five women would still be alive."

Page #93 Cost of prostitution arrests vs. lab testing of rape kits: In 1987, the Hastings Law Journal published the research of Julie Pearl entitled “The Highest Paying Customers: America's Cities and the Costs of Prostitution Control” in which the author’s research revealed that the cost of arresting a single prostitute was about $2,000. In 2011’s currency, adjusted for inflation, that would be $3,967.04 per arrest

Page #94 Resources and more articles about untested rape kits:





page 95 page 96 page 97 page 98

Page #95
When prostitutes are actually RAPED- by COPS... very seldom are the cops punished- or fired- or even arrested... like these 26 Newark NJ police officers who were accused of raping, robbing and beating prostitutes.



Page #96 “No rape charges filed against cop”  “The Los Angeles County district attorney's office declined to file charges against a city police officer who was accused of the on-duty rape of a visiting Florida woman in 2006" WHY NOT? The woman had the "appearance and conduct . . . consistent with prostitution," making it difficult for prosecutors to prove that the sex was not consensual.."

Page #97 Judge Says Law Doesn't Protect Prostitutes, Drops Rape Count: Pasadena Superior Court Judge Gilbert C. Alston (a former cop turned lawyer and then judge) said "A woman who goes out on the street and makes a whore out of herself opens herself up to anybody... She steps outside the protection of the law. That's a basic and fundamental legal concept. . . Who in the hell is going to believe a whore on the witness stand, anyway?"

Page #98 The rapist- Zabuski, who spent two years in state prison after being convicted in 1980 of bribery for sexual favors during his job as a
South Gate cadet jailer, was charged with one count each of rape, sodomy and grand theft.  Judge Alston, a former police officer and prosecutor  then told jurors: "I have never seen a case like this before. And I would like to apologize for having you spend your time doing what essentially was trying to reform or decide a breach of contract between a whore and trick."
page 99 page 100 page 101 page 102

Page #99 Because prostitutes are so dangerous, particularly when naked, it usually take 7 law enforcement officers to make one prostitution arrest. As noted in the June 26, 2003 Los Angeles Daily News “Approximately 100 officers took part in “Operation Silver Bullet” netting 14 arrests...”



Page #100 In many cities, law enforcement agents are permitted to have sex with ‘suspected prostitutes’ in order to make an arrest... when they were not allowed to do so, they can hire ‘civic minded’ men from the community to have sex with the suspected prostitute- on multiple occasions- and then testify against her. If the‘client’ (cops or ‘civic minded’ men) are paid- out of taxpayer money- to have sex... doesn’t that make both the cops and the ‘civic minded’ men prostitutes????

Page #101 Cops have sex with prostitutes to rescue them...
In Spotsylvania County, as part of a campaign by the sheriff's office to root out prostitution in the massage parlor business, detectives have been receiving sexual services from "masseuses." During several visits to Moon Spa on Plank Road last month, detectives allowed women to perform sexual acts on them on four occasions and once left a $350 tip, according to court papers. Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard D. Smith said that the practice is not new and that only unmarried detectives are assigned to such cases.

Page #102 A Lehigh County judge has dismissed the case against a woman who was charged with promoting prostitution at a North Whitehall Township spa, ruling that state police engaged in "outrageous" conduct when they paid an informant to have sex
four times with employees.
State police investigating the Shiatsu Spa on Route 309 paid the informant $180 for his "time" and gave him money to pay for sexual acts in the spa in June and July 2006.


page 103 page 104 page 105 page 106

Page #103 GREEN TREE, Pa. — The Green Tree police chief got naked and let a prostitute perform a sexual act before making the arrest, according to the criminal complaint. The report said the chief allowed the woman to begin performing a sex act on him. At some point after that, he informed her that she was under arrest....


Page #104
According to Northampton County (PA) District Attorney " the completion of sexual acts allows police to bring more substantive charges against suspects -- felony-level prostitution rather than misdemeanor attempt, for example. That can give authorities ammunition to close a spa.” “The case is further strengthened if the informant has sex with multiple employees because it shows prostitution is prevalent and not the work of a maverick...”


1991- 2012:


Page #106 Sex workers say "the only thing like rape IS rape!"






bar separate


page 107 page 108 page 109 page 110

Page #107 "Prostitution is Violence Against Women" The argument that many prostitution abolitionists make about legalization and decriminalization is that, according to them, violence against
prostitutes doesn’t decrease and prostitutes are no safer than when they were considered criminals... but violence against any group of people does not justify criminalizing the individuals or group of individuals regardless of how much violence they experience... Violence against wives and children by husbands, boyfriends and fathers would not justify outlawing marriage or personal relationships, regardless of how many incidents of such violence were reported.

Page # 108 "About one in three women worldwide experience sexual or physical violence at least once in their lives" World Health Organization. The report says 35 percent of women around the world are victims of sexual or physical violence, and that assault at the hands of an intimate partner is by far the most common form of such violence. In fact, a whopping 30 percent of women globally were found to be domestic violence victims.



Page #109 - June 20, 2013 CNN) -- “One in three women experience sexual or physical violence - most
likely from their intimate partner"

About 38% of all murdered women are killed by an intimate partner (compared with 6% of all murdered men).” The world population of women aged 15 to 65 and over, according to the CIA World Factbook is estimated to be 2,633,471,407. If one out of three women is the victim of violence, that would be approximately 869,045,564 victims of violence- most victimizations from an intimate partner- in other words, domestic violence.

Page #110 Violence by the numbers: In the USA: Potential victims of domestic violence:
64.9 million number of married women 18 and older in 2011







----------------------------- ---------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------
page 111 page 112 page 113 page 114
Page #111 Why aren’t politicians and prostitution abolitionists as concerned about the significantly greater number of victims of domestic and other violence against women and children as they are about alleged victims of human trafficking (prostitution)? Perhaps because there is no money in crusading against marriage or other intimate partner relationships?

Page #112 •In the US, there are over 12 MILLION* incidents of intimate partner violence and over 1 MILLION intimate partner rapes every year... •In 2011, police nationwide made 56,371 arrests for consenting adult prostitution where NO ONE had asked for help or reported being a victim of sex trafficking

Page # 113

Sweden Treating Prostitution as Violence Against Women

If ‘ending the demand’ for prostitution was a viable solution to stop sex trafficking, shouldn’t we campaign to ‘end the demand’ for all the types of labor into which persons are trafficked?

Page #114 An Experiment from Hell- The "Swedish Model"

“How is it possible to come up with such twisted horror so openly? Swedish politicians have managed to design a law which is inherently malign. This nation is clutching on to the law, despite its evident and catastrophic aftermath. The absurd notion of "ending demand" has resulted in nothing but misery... say Swedish sex workers

page 115 page 116 page 117 page 118

Page #115
Here’s what the Swedish Model Actually Does for Sex Workers: NOTHING!


Page #116 If even the king of Sweden patronizes sex workers, in a
country which criminalizes the clients of prostitutes,
how can prostitution abolitionists believe that such laws designed to ‘end the demand’ will have any impact on the average client of prostitutes?
Page #117 Here’s how the “Swedish Model” really works... Top Swedish prosecutor who handled the cases of other men arrested for hiring prostitutes was... arrested for hiring a prostitute... Nothing like a little hypocrisy... unlike prostitutes and their non government agent clients who get arrested, this article did not disclose this prosecutor’s name... Page #118 The Oldest Profession predates history, and the laws  designed to subdue it have rarely proved  effective... at worst, uneven justice- hitting prostitutes with criminal fines with one hand, tolerating or encouraging them with the other- makes the state "the biggest pimp of all..." according to the NYPD vice squad chief.
page 119 page 120 page 121
Page #119 If prostitution is in fact ‘violence against women,’ is it a good idea to put notoriously violent law
enforcement officers in charge of protecting sex workers? "Domestic violence is far more common among the families of police officers than among the rest of the population,
according to the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Center for Women and Policing. At least 40% of police families are affected by domestic violence, as opposed to an estimated 10% in other households..." October 30, 2011 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Page #120

Sex workers say
“‘Violence against women’”
is violence against women-
NOT “prostitution is violence against women”






Page #121

•In ALL cases of rape and intimate partner violence- as well as any other crime (except homicide), victims are required to file a criminal complaint against the alleged perpetrator before the police will launch an investigation into the allegations.

In NO cases of rape, domestic violence or suspected child sexual exploitation are law enforcement agents permitted to initiate a complaint by compromising the ‘victim’ in order to coerce the victim to testify against their abuser or rapist (in this case, ‘compromise’ means to have sex with alleged victim)

Yet, to ‘rescue’ victims of prostitution- or ‘sex trafficking,’ police are allowed to go as far as necessary to secure an arrest and conviction, even if the victim has not asked for help and the cops must coerce the alleged victim to testify against the alleged pimp, employer or ‘trafficker...’




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