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[   ]Crooks and Liars ยป Crossdressing Republican Lawmaker Admits Sexual Encounter With Male Escort.pdf28-Apr-2013 15:37 64K 
[   ]Republican Richard Curtis' sex scandal_ Cody Catagna discusses the "Wallet incident" | Crooks and Liars.pdf28-Apr-2013 15:37 251K 
[   ]Richard Curtis (politician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.pdf28-Apr-2013 15:37 75K 
[   ]SR.com_ Alleged extortion of legislator probed.pdf28-Apr-2013 15:37 472K 
[   ]SR.com_ Police seeking identity of pick-up man.pdf28-Apr-2013 15:37 1.2M 
[   ]Washington State GOP Rep. Curtis Exposed by Sordid Police Report |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad.pdf28-Apr-2013 15:37 642K 

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