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[IMG]14181500_BG1.jpg27-Nov-2017 09:40 58K 
[   ]Disputed paternity test for former Salinas PD youth adviser led to reduced charges..pdf27-Nov-2017 09:40 91K 
[   ]Former Salinas Police Employee Won't Register As a Sex Offender - Central Coast News KION:KCBA.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:40 149K 
[   ]Jeff Mitchell, Under the Dome: City agrees to settle Callan case, won't disclose the amount | The Salinas Californian | 09:40 78K 
[   ]Scott Callan No charges filed.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:40 72K 
[   ]Second Salinas Police Explorer describes sex abuse in lawsuit | The Salinas Californian | 09:40 73K 

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