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[   ]7NEWS - Former Aurora Officer Pleads Guilty To Sex Charge - News Story.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:32 113K 
[   ]Aurora DARE officer’s sex exploitation trial pushed back to June - Aurora Sentinel: News.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:32 89K 
[   ]Breaking News - Exclusive Station for the Rockies, Broncos & Buffs.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:32 163K 
[   ]Convicted pedophile cop throws department under the bus - Denver Conspiracy | 09:32 115K 
[IMG]Mangino-thumb-250x312.jpg27-Nov-2017 09:32 36K 
[   ]Mangino lawsuit.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:32 186K 
[   ]Michael Mangino, Former Aurora Police Officer Sentenced To 3 Years For Sexual Exploitation Of A Child.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:32 175K 
[   ]Michael Mangino, busted for sex crimes, 2nd Aurora DARE cop accused of pervy kid habit - Denver News - The Latest Word.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:32 385K 
[   ]Officer Accused Of Sexual Exploitation Of Teen Runaway - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:32 514K 
[   ]This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police_ Aurora cop sentenced for sexual exploitation of a child.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:32 211K 
[IMG]michael mangino mug shot-thumb-565x602.jpg27-Nov-2017 09:32 36K 

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