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[   ]WSVN-TV - Former police captain sentence to 4 years in prison.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:39 80K 
[IMG]Capt. Juan De los Rios.jpg27-Nov-2017 09:39 70K 
[IMG]Capt. Juan De los Rios2.jpg27-Nov-2017 09:39 45K 
[   ]Juan De Los Rios, Miramar Police Captain, Allegedly Made Teen Expose Herself (VIDEO).pdf27-Nov-2017 09:39 91K 
[   ]Fla. cop Juan De los Rios arrested_ 15-year-old girl charges he gave her ‘sex exam’ in back of police car - NY Daily News.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:39 502K 

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